Kickstart your Career with Astute!

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Kickstart your Career with Astute!

Aged 16-24 and looking for work? Here’s how the Kickstart Scheme can help you.

We’re proud to be taking part in the Government’s new Kickstart Scheme. If you’re 16-24 years old, on Universal Credit, and at risk of long-term unemployment, we can help you get 6 months of paid work, equipping you with skills and experience to help you find a permanent job.

Fully funded by the Government, the Kickstart Scheme offers you the opportunity to work for Astute, one of the UK’s expert technical recruitment agencies. This role is for 25 hours per week (8:30am-3:15pm), Monday to Thursday.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kickstart Scheme, please contact your local DWP or Job Centre who can share further information with you.

You can also register your interest directly with us, please follow this link to get started.

Here’s why we think the Kickstart Scheme will be right for you…


Who are we?

Astute Technical Recruitment Ltd is the UK’s leading expert technical recruiter.

We connect talented professionals with fantastic employers, from SME’s, exciting start-up organisations to some of the country’s largest companies in the Power, Nuclear, Renewables, Construction, Manufacturing, Defence, Recycling and Water sectors.

Joining Astute will see you become part of a welcoming and supportive team, bringing your own voice to an environment that wants to hear new ideas and suggestions. From our numerous charity events to our work in promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly office space, Astute is determined to uphold our values of care, consideration, and commitment, and we want you to be there with us.

Astute are delighted to be part of something unique in helping young people gain valuable work experience. We already have a tried and tested training academy, which means that we can offer everyone who joins us the opportunity to thrive, have fun and learn lots along the way!

Samantha Bradshaw, Learning & Development Manager


Our dedicated training team will be on hand to provide full support and training from day 1. There is an opportunity to try various aspects of recruitment while you’re with us, all we ask for in return is full commitment and a good attitude to want to work hard and achieve more. If you’re interested in building your career through a company that values training and developing skills, this is an excellent opportunity for you.

We are based at the Lakeside complex in Cosham with free onsite parking, and just a short walk from the train station.


5 reasons to apply for Kickstart with Astute


1 Experience

It’s far too easy to become stuck in a cycle where you can’t find work experience because you have no work experience. A Kickstart placement will break you out of it. You’ll find that a Kickstart role is a great way to ease you into the world of work, with the benefit of experienced people to help guide you every step of the way. Astute’s culture is rich in learning and development, there is nothing we value more than ensuring our team is constantly growing, both in their career and personally. We aim to ensure that you finish your placement with all the skills necessary to gain for permanent employment.

2 Confidence

Employers look for people who are confident that they can handle the role. It’s difficult to project confidence if you don’t have the experience to back it up, but by the time you’ve spent six months in a Kickstart role, you’ll have everything you need to ace your next interview. You’ll have the respect of your colleagues, confidence in your abilities, know how to handle work responsibilities independently, and you’ll have built a substantial skillset behind you.

3 Mentoring

When you begin your Kickstart role you’ll be paired up with a mentor, who’ll be responsible for guiding you throughout your placement. They’ll be there to answer all your questions and provide you with support tailored to suit your needs. Your mentor will see to it that you aren’t overwhelmed by the pressures of a new role, and they’ll ensure that the skills and experience you gain throughout are of substantial depth and breadth.

4 Skills

A Kickstart role will also provide you with on-the-job skills training that will make you attractive to future employers. We will support you in learning the inside of a busy sales environment, how to market yourself and the business to people and organisations, and how to support others in their own search for opportunities. You will learn the art of lead generation, become intimately familiar with the technical industries of the UK (Power, Water Treatment, Renewable and Nuclear Energy to name a few), and gain the skills necessary to recruit people into these environments. Rather than 6 more months of claiming Universal Credit, you can gain invaluable experience and skills with Astute, and make more money doing so!

5 Career-building

Having a Kickstart role on your CV will demonstrate to future employers that you are more than capable of managing the demands of a full-time job, and that you have the work ethic to accompany it. This is something every employer looks for and will stand you in good stead for your future career. It also shows that you put the effort in to seek out a role that would develop your skills, knowledge, and confidence in the workplace.

This placement has been a fantastic experience for me. I’m gaining new skills in an environment of hard working, talented professionals who want to see me succeed, and have a wealth of knowledge to impart. I’m very glad of the Kickstart Scheme for giving me the opportunity to work here, and Astute for the care and support they’ve shown.” – George, Marketing Support Assistant

If you’re aged 16-24 and on Universal Credit, you simply cannot do better for your career than taking advantage of this opportunity!


To apply, just fill out the following form, we’re eagerly anticipating your application: